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Talk Thursdays

Central Junior High school is now having guest speakers on Thursdays to speak to our lunch groups about exciting opportunities and ideas for their futures!

Russ Foster was our first Talk Thursday Speaker! Thank you!  Mr. Foster has both a cattle farm and multiple chicken houses.

Mr. Foster talked to the students about setting goals, and being open to new ideas for an occupation. He told them how he changed his mind and was very thankful!


Randall Upchurch talked to Central Junior High School today. Mr. Upchurch is a licensed land agent. He discussed the amount of training needed to be licensed in his field. He talked about the exam you must pass in order to be a licensed lang agent. He showed the students and informative video and discussed rent property listed and sold. He explained that one of the benefits of this field is the hours. 

Thank you Mr. Upchurch, for being willing to spend part of your day helping to inform our students.

Also thank you Mr. Walker for attending this weeks Talk Thursday.

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